Streamline your team’s decisions.

Empower your organization with centralized, structured, and asynchronous decision making.

Everything you need to enable better and faster decision making.

Treat your decisions as assets that can and should be optimized.

An easy to implement framework for teams to model and work through decisions together.

Transform how your team makes decisions .

Drive collaboration, accountability, and transparency.


Set your decisions up for success.

Clarify how you are going to measure the success of your decisions by setting foundational goals and success criteria.


Engage your team with a dedicated home for decision making.

Stakeholders provide feedback, share recommendations, and vote on proposed options.


Document, review, and improve your team’s decisions.

Improve efficiency, drive better outcomes, reduce bias, and manage risk more effectively.

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Why Colloq

Decisions are the lifeblood of your organization - from small decisions such as which vendor to choose to larger ones like product roadmap prioritizations. Behind every success, every mistake, and every opportunity lies a decision that was made or not made.

High performing teams know this and obsess over their decision making. They know that even slightest improvements to their speed and quality is a massive competitive advantage. We believe all teams should do the same.

The problem is that outdated processes are not keeping up with today's business needs: Teams are becoming increasingly asynchronous, decision ownership is blurry, there are too many unproductive meetings, and decisions aren’t being recorded or communicated.

This is why we created Colloq - A platform to enable centralized, structured and informed decision making.

Filip & Viktor - Colloq Founders